Annual conference

The Architecture and Landscape Steering Committee (CAAP) organizes, through its members, an Annual Conference that aims to promote scientific and technical reflection in the fields of PNAP.

The conference is a time for meeting and joint reflection on various topics related to architecture and landscape and whose central theme is adjusted to current trends and issues. The event includes three different panels with interventions by a wide range of speakers from different areas and followed by a debate.

4th Conference - December 9, 2021
Theme: Mobilizing agents in the territory - On the way to quality

3rd Conference - December 9, 10 and 11, 2020
Theme: Emerging challenges in a changing territory

2nd Conference - December 17, 2019
Theme: Landscape and Architecture for the Territory Valorization

1st Conference - March 16, 2018
Theme: Implementation of the National Policy on Architecture and Landscape